Refreshing Summer Fun Watermelon Themed Party

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It's most definitely summer, and all I can think about, it seems, is taking a dip in the pool.   So why not make it a sweet and simple party to celebrate those summer birthdays?  And what better refreshing summer party theme than a watermelon pool party!

Food table full of watermelon treats sitting next to a pool.  Text overlay reads "watermelon pool party."

This party requires no baking!  Perfect for hot summertime days.  I made a "cake" from watermelon and other fruit, but if I were doing this party again, I'd definitely make some watermelon crispy cereal treats, too.  So easy and cute! 

Watermelon balloons at the watermelon pool party.

I used the colors of the watermelon as the inspiration for my summer party.  Deep pink and bright green balloons (embellished with a permanent marker) made the perfect summery decoration for my event.

Soda bottle used as a balloon weight at the watermelon pool party.

One of the soda bottles made a fabulous balloon weight.  The wind started picking up during our party, and was a little too much for the smaller Sprite bottles, but I was able to anchor thfe balloons firmly in place with the larger bottles.

Pink mason jars for drinks, garnished with wedges of watermelon and watermelon themed cocktail umbrellas and straws.

Every drink tastes better with a fun straw and a drink umbrella, don't you think?

Watermelon feta salad served in a bowl made from a hollowed out mini watermelon.

Keeping things easy and light, I served a spinach salad with a watermelon viniagrette, feta, cucumbers, and mint. In a hollowed out mini watermelon for the bowl!  And I transformed plain red plastic forks into watermelon themed forks for the party.

Snack cups decorated to fit a watermelon theme and filled with popcorn.

Popcorn is always a hit--especially when it comes in such festive, fun cups. Get teh tutorial for these easy watermelon themed snack cups here

Large watermelon used as a drinks cooler at a Watermelon themed Party.

To keep with the watermelon theme, I used an actual watermelon as my drink cooler.

Large watermelon on a cutting board.

I started out by buying the biggest oblong watermelon I could find.

A hollowed out watermelon ready to be used as a drink cooler for a Watermelon Party.

I scooped out the flesh of the watermelon and gave it a good rinse.

Drink cooler made from a hollowed out large watermelon, filled with ice and sodas.

All that was left, then, was to fill it with beverages and ice.

Like video tutorials?  Here you go:

Drink cooler made from a hollowed out watermelon filled with ice and sodas.

A couple watermelon balloon picks made the drink holder even more fabulous and festive.

Watermelon and other fruit cut and arranged to look like a layer cake at the watermelon party.

Cakes are always welcome at parties, but sometimes you just want to keep things fresh.  So how about a watermelon and assorted fruit "layer cake" as the centerpiece of the party table?  It's just fresh fruit and fruit dip.  Delicious, and best of all, no baking to heat up that summertime kitchen!

watermelon popsicles on a bed of ice at the watermelon pool party.

I used some of that hollowed-out watermelon to make these watermelon popsicles.  Only one ingredient: watermelon.  But somehow, in this shape, and frozen, it's an amazing treat!  My daughters loved them.

Galvanized tub painted like a watermelon filled with pink and green water balloons at the Watermelon themed party.

We also had some fun with water balloons and bubbles...

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest sign and markers at the watermelon themed party.

...and a good, old-fashioned watermelon seed spitting contest.  We used the medallions to mark each contestant's seed-projecting prowess.

How to you like to keep cool and celebrate on those hot summer days?

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