Halloween Eyeball Gift Wrap and Favor Packaging Tutorial

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Halloween Eyeball Flower Favor Packaging Tutorial

These Halloween eyeball gift bags are small, favor-sized bags, but you could definitely adapt this craft for any size gift bag.  

Materials for Halloween Eyeball Gift Bags:

As I mentioned earlier, I found great artificial black roses at my local dollar store.  I also saw some at Michaels, and they weren't too expensive, but it was more than the dollar store version.

Pull apart each artificial rose.  There are plastic bits holding the rose in a more closed shape; discard those.  Glue the rose petals to the gift bag, and then glue the eyeball in the center.

I bought these eyeball erasers at the 99 Cent Only store, and was initially worried that I'd think they were a little too small compared to the flowers I bought, but I ended up thinking they were absolutely perfect in the end.  I liked the smaller eyes better than the larger ones I bought.  I found these very similar ones on Amazon, if you can't find the ones I used at your local dollar store.

The favor-sized gift bags came from Michaels, and are a seasonal item.  I can't find a link to the product on their website, but these available from Amazon are very similar.

I do want to mention that these bags, when empty, are top-heavy.  They need something with a little weight to keep the bags upright and on display.  I used some chocolates, and that was plenty of weight to stabilize the bags, but if your favor is something very lightweight, you might need to add a stone or something with more heft to keep the favor bags looking their best.

I found this black, matte, chalkboard style gift wrapping paper in the dollar section at Michaels recently.  I stretched a little bit of fake cobweb material over the plain black paper (it's taped on the back), and topped with a basic ribbon bow and one of my eyeball roses. 

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido