Mickey Mouse Embellished Straws Tutorial

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Three DIY Mickey Mouse straws on a dark wooden table.

It's incredibly easy to make these cute Mickey Mouse straws for your party (or adapt for any theme!)

How to Make Mickey Mouse Straws

To make these easy DIY Mickey Mouse straws, you'll need:

Materials for making DIY Mickey Mouse Straws.

Punch one inch circles out of the red and white polka dot scrapbook paper.  Using a low temperature glue gun, glue the circle of scrapbook paper near one end of the straw.  If you're using a plastic straw, it is very important that you use a low temperature glue gun.  Regular high temp glue guns will melt holes in plastic straws, and make them entirely useless for drinking anything.

Mickey Mouse Straws set up in red plastic cups embellished to look like Mickey Mouse pants.

Add one of the rhinestone Mickey Mouse silhouette stickers (or whatever sticker you want, really) to the center of the scrapbook circle.  

Little girl drinking through a Mickey Mouse Straw.

And you're done!  Told you it was easy!  But so cute, right?  I love those tiny little details at a party. 

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