Layered Mickey Mouse Drink Tutorial

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Make a Mickey Mouse drink for your favorite Disney fan!  Layered drinks are always a fun treat, and a great way to teach kids a little science lesson, too!  Just the kind of perfect blend of fun and education for our Disney Imagicademy party.

Layered drink made with red cream soda and cola to make a Mickey Mouse drink.

And, of course, the colors needed to be red and black.  Red on the bottom, black on the top, specifically, for our Magical Mickey Mouse Sodas.

How To Make a Mickey Mouse Drink

Making layered drinks is an experiment in density.  The less dense liquids will float on top of the more dense liquids.  An easy way to know which drinks are going to be more dense?  Sugar content.  The higher the sugar content, the more dense the drink.  So for our Mickey Mouse sodas, we used full sugar red cream soda for the bottom layer, and diet cola for the top layer.  

Girl holding a Mickey Mouse layered drink with a Mickey Mouse straw.

Pour the densest layer in the glass first (in our case, the full-sugar red cream soda).  Then, very carefully and slowly, add the next layer (our diet cola).  It helps to hold a spoon right above the level of the bottom layer of liquid, touching the edge of the glass, and slowly pour the cola on the bowl of the spoon, rather than directly into the glass.  

Girl sipping a layered Mickey Mouse drink through a Mickey Mouse straw.

Add ice, gently, at the end, if desired.  Once the liquid is in the glass, it's actually fairly stable; it's just getting the liquid into the glass that requires such delicate care.

Glass of layered Mickey Mouse Drink with a mickey mouse straw on a dark background.

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