Easy Minecraft Ghast Paper Lantern Party Decoration Tutorial

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Need some incredibly easy party decor for your Minecraft party?  These Minecraft ghasts looked amazing hanging from our trees!

We had high winds blow through our Stampy Minecraft birthday party, and that made the ghasts look even cooler, swaying in the wind.  

Materials for making Minecraft ghast party decorations:

Assemble the white paper lanterns, and use tape or a hot glue gun to attach short lengths (mine were about 12") of white crepe paper to the bottom of the lantern.  Choose the length that looks right for whatever size lantern you purchase.

Cut three narrow strips of black cardstock (or construction paper).  I used my favorite paper trimmer, but you could easily just use a pair of scissors.  Precision is not terribly important to this craft.

Glue or tape the strips of black paper to the paper lantern to make the eyes and mouth of the ghast.

The ghasts made fabulous party decorations, but also really awesome targets for our bow and arrow target practice activity!  If you got a good enough shot, the arrow could pierce the ghast in a very amusing and satisfying way, plus the way the targets swayed in the breeze made the activity even more challenging and exciting.  The kids LOVED it!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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