Spooky Spider Egg Sac Halloween Treats Tutorial

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The Spiders' Den Trunk or Treat had plenty of creepy, spidery elements, like these spider egg sac treat bundles.

They were so easy to make, and fit perfectly with our arachnid theme.  

Spider Egg Sac Halloween Treats Materials:

  • tulle
  • string
  • artificial spider webs
  • candy
  • scissors

Cut tulle into squares.  You can see I did a perfectly sloppy, ragged job cutting my tulle here.  Precision is not necessary, nor is sloppiness.  You just need enough tulle to contain your collection of candy.

Place the candy in the center of the tulle, and gather the tulle around the candy.  Secure with a short piece of string.  You could use a bit of plastic wrap, or a plastic baggie instead, too.

Pull off a small segment of artificial spider web decorations.  Wrap around your bundled candy, stretching the webbing as you go.  I liked it best when I used just enough so that a little hint of the candy could still be seen through the spider web.  

I found that the web stuck to itself pretty easily, and I didn't need any sort of adhesive to keep the spider egg sacs in their nice ball shape.  But you could certainly use a small bit of tape or hot glue to keep things extra secure, if you'd like.

Looking for more spider themed halloween treats?  Check out this amazing spooky spider chocolate cheese ball from my blogger friend at The Two Bite Club!

Add a spider or two to your collection of spider egg sac candy bundles, and you've got a perfect Halloween treat display.  

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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