Anne of Green Gables Cookies

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Last night we visited the book fair at my daughter's school.  I can't help but love going to the book fair, myself--remembering the excitement from my own book fairs when I was little, the anticipation of getting a new book, the many hours of tremendous pleasure I got from reading (and still do!).  Browsing those shelves was like going on a memory trip to a thousand different worlds.  Island of the Blue Dolphins!  The Cay!  My Side of the Mountain!  A Little Princess!  The Hero and the Crown!  I still like to go back and read those every few years.  

Anyway, seeing those old childhood classics made me remember that I'd completely forgotten to share these Anne of Green Gables cookies from August.  

Remember my back-to-school chalkboard cookies tutorial?  After I was done with the cookies for that post, I had a few leftover blank chalkboard cookies, and came up with this idea.

Wouldn't an Anne of Green Gables party be absolutely amazingly fun?  I'm pretty sure I MUST find someone to throw such a party for this spring, 

What's your favorite childhood book?  If I HAD to choose just one, mine would be The Hero and the Crown.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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