Head on a Pike Halloween Drink Stirrer Tutorial

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Want an astoundingly easy craft for your Halloween party?  How about Head-on-a-Pike Drink Stirrers?

Can you tell that I really want to throw a French catacombs themed Halloween party?  Maybe the guillotine in the background gave it away.

To make Head on a Pike Drink Stirrers, you just need three things:

Step one:  glue head on pike.  Or in our case, a skull shaped bead (available online or in most major craft stores this time of year) on a food-safe bamboo skewer.

Step two:  paint haphazardly with red gel food coloring.  You want it to look like a messy bloodbath, not like a red spear.

Step three:  put in drink.  It's extra fabulous when you put it in a clear drink, and the dried red food coloring gradually leeches out into the beverage in a visible, gruesome way.  Vive la révolution! 

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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