Candy Corn Cotton Candy for Halloween and FREE Printable Halloween Tags

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These bags of candy corn cotton candy are going to win Halloween this year!  I'm going to be the cotton candy queen of the neighborhood.

Cotton candy in candy corn colors for Halloween

Bags of candy corn cotton candy are just so darn cute!  

two bags of cotton candy in orange, yellow, and white candy corn colors surrounded by candy corn candies.

I experimented with making bigger bags and smaller bags, and I'm definitely going with the cute little bags for handing out on Halloween night.

White, yellow, and orange sugar for making cotton candy, surrounded by candy corn candies.

You can buy orange and yellow cotton candy sugar, but the colors were very pale, and the yellow was banana, which sounded awful to me.  (Seriously, cotton candy sugar makers, not lemon? ) So I made my own cotton candy sugar.  You can learn how to make your own gourmet cotton candy flavors and colors in yesterday's post.

Orange cotton candy sugar being poured into the center of a cotton candy machine.

If you want to make your candy corn cotton candy actually taste like candy corn, use yesterday's tutorial and some candy corn candy flavoring.  I made my orange sugar orange flavored and my yellow sugar lemon flavored.  The white was just pure spun sugar.

Cotton candy being spun in a cotton candy machine.

Whipping up the various colors of cotton candy was a breeze in my awesome new cotton candy machine!  It works SO much better than the old plastic toy cotton candy machine I bought at Target.

Clear, plain bags for cotton candy on a black chalkboard background.

I tested out a few different styles of treat bags for my candy corn cotton candy.  The big bags are just plain cotton candy bags (I didn't want any text or that weird clown face that's on so many bags of cotton candy). 

Small and large bags of cotton candy in candy corn colors, surrounded by candy corn candies.

The smaller bags are 11"x5" gusseted treat bags, and the perfect size for giving out on Halloween.

Cotton candy in a cone shaped bag.

I also experimented with cone shaped treat bags, but even using the larger ones, it was too small.  My cotton candy got massively compressed, and it just wasn't cute.  Do not recommend.

Yellow, white, and orange spools of curling ribbon on a black chalkboard background, surrounded by candy corn candies.

The cotton candy bags come with twist ties, but I had curly ribbon in classic candy corn colors, so I used that to tie off my bags instead.

Jack-o-lantern Halloween gift tag on a bag of cotton candy, tied on with curling ribbon.

I know a lot of parents might have concerns about non-commercial candy from strangers, so I'm taking a two-pronged approach to the problem.  First, I'm going to have commercial candy available, too.  Second, I'm printing up labels with ingredients and my contact information should the parents have any questions.  All that information is on the backside of these printable Halloween labels I made.

Free printable 2.5" circle Halloween gift tags.

If you'd like  these cute printable Halloween tags for your own projects, I'm sharing them with you!  (Just one-sided, it's not going to print with my contact information, don't worry!)

Free Printable Halloween Gift Tags:

Free printable Halloween tags for bags of cotton candy.

They add the perfect finishing touch to my candy corn cotton candy gift bags.

Candy Corn Cotton Candy on a black chalkboard background surrounded by candy corn candies.

What's the best thing that you ever got on Halloween?  

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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