Easy Mummy Wine Bottle Decoration for your Halloween Party

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Have you been invited to a Halloween party and want to bring a fun, easy hostess gift?  Or maybe you're hosting a party this Saturday?  Whip together this Mummy Wine Bottle in about a minute.  

A bottle of wine (or sparkling cider, or even soda) is always appreciated at a party, and I love dressing up the packaging a little bit for the occasion.  But that doesn't mean I have a lot of time to do it (I haven't even STARTED making my daughter's Halloween costume yet this year!).  This mummy bottle wrap is the perfect solution.

Start with a bottle of wine.  I thought Bogle's Phantom old vine zinfandel was particularly appropriate!

Cut inexpensive cheesecloth or gauze into strips.  You can find this at any fabric store in the costume area around this time of year.  It's incredibly inexpensive, especially if you can use a coupon.

Wrap the strips around the bottle, and tack at the ends with a drop of hot glue.  Be sure you're using a low temperature hot glue gun, because the glue will seep through the holes in the fabric when you press the fabric on.  

I especially loved letting the "phantom" part of the label text peek out between strips of bandage!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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