Equestrian Award Ribbon Place Card Tutorial

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Seating cards aren't a necessity at most children's parties, but they can still be fun!  Especially when they're fancy and fit the theme perfectly, like these equestrian award ribbon place cards.

Materials for Making Award Ribbons:

  • cardstock
  • 2" circle punch
  • fabric, cut into 2" strips
  • wide satin ribbon, in one or two colors
  • hot glue gun

First, you'll need to punch 2" circles of cardstock.  If you're going to use a printer for any text on the ribbon, print it out before cutting the circles.  I love this squeezy style of large circle punch; it's so much more comfortable on my hands and easier to use than the push-down style of scrapbook punch.

Use a (low temperature!) hot glue gun to glue long strips of fabric to the back side of the 2" cardstock circles.  Ruffle the fabric as you go along.  Ruffle a bit, glue a bit, ruffle a bit, glue a bit.  This is why I only use low temperature hot glue guns, because I always glue my fingers when doing projects like this.  

Cut two lengths of satin ribbon, one slightly longer than the other.  Fold in half, and cut the ends into that swallowtail shape characteristic of award ribbons.  Glue the ribbons to each other, folded in a slight V shape.  glue to the back of the ruffled fabric disc.  

You can glue a pin to the back of the award ribbon if you want someone to be able to wear it like a name tag or brooch.

I used tape to stick the award ribbons to the chairs at the Equestrian Tea Party birthday.  

The best method for attaching the ribbon is really going to depend on the material and shape of the object it's going on.  Tape, wire, string--whatever works for you!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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