Hobbit Hole Shire Cupcakes Tutorial

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I've had a thing for Hobbits and Middle Earth since I was a very little girl, so when my friend said her son wanted a Hobbit birthday party, I jumped at the chance to make some cupcakes.  I was so excited there may have been some literal jumping.  

The birthday boy wanted cupcakes, and I alomost instantly had this vision of each cupcake as a hobbit hole, that, when assembled, created a cupcake Shire.

I love it when things turn out (at least mostly) like they are in my imagination!!

Each little hobbit house was slightly different.

I love how the gum paste rocks I made have some cracks in them.  Usually that means that I didn't roll the gum paste quite enough to get it smooth, but for rocks and pebbles, that just adds to the look.

I love Hobbits, I love anything miniature, I love cupcakes.  I hit geeky-crafty gold with this project!

Want to see how I made these Hobbit hole cupcakes, and see even more photos of the individual houses?  Head to Page Two.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido