Decorating Presents with Leaves Tutorial

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I've said this enough times that you probably think I'm a broken record, but I love creative gift wrapping!  And I love it even more when I come up with inexpensive (or even free) packaging ideas.

I wanted to come up with a good, creative gift packaging idea for fall that could transition into winter, and I decided to use some natural elements.  Specifically, leaves from the backyard.  Dressed up with some metallic spray paint I had on hand.  

Some kraft paper wrapping paper, twine, and copper colored leaves from my trees, and I had a spectacular autumn gift.

Add a few sprigs of evergreen (I used rosemary from my herb garden) and a few mini pine cones, and the gift wrapping idea transitions beautifully into a rustic, natural Christmas theme.

I also remembered that I had some faux moss sheeting in my craft stash, and thought it would make a really cool natural ribbon for a present.

Paired with some silver spray painted leaves, some colorful baker's twine, and a little tomte ornament, you have one adorable Christmas package with Scandinavian flair!

I used some metallic gold and white baker's twine to create this package, criss-crossed with string in an organic fashion, and accented by copper leaves and pine cones.

And the natural elements just look right with those little Swedish tomte elves, don't they?  I wanted to put them on everything!

What's your favorite way to dress up a plain package?

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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