Marbleized Plastic Flatware Tutorial

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The first time I saw a tutorial for marbleizing with nail polish, it was for actual fingernails.  But since then, I've seen nail polish used to marbleize pretty much everything.  Except silverware.  I hadn't seen that one yet!

I found this beautiful rose gold plastic flatware set at Party City, and remembered seeing some gorgeous faux marble paper plates, and got the idea for some fabulous marbleized silverware.

Aren't these the prettiest paper plates ever?  I love them!

The marbleized plastic silverware matches the plates fabulously!  

Want to see a quick video of the technique?  You're in luck, I made one!

Ready for all the details and the full tutorial?  Head to Page Two.


Plastic Silverware Marbleized with Nail Polish:

The materials for this project are very simple:  plastic silverware, nail polish, and water.

I bought my rose gold plastic silverware at my local party store, but you can get it at a great price on Amazon (buy here).  The best place to get inexpensive nail polish in a huge range of colors is at your local dollar store.  I easily found black, white, and grey nail polish at my dollar store.

Fill a container with water.  Pour a small amount of nail polish gently on the surface of the water.  Add all colors, and gently swirl together using a toothpick.

Dip the handle of the plastic silverware in the water coated with marbleized nail polish.  Remove immediately, and set aside to dry.

You have to work pretty quickly with this project, or else you'll end up dragging large clumps of nail polish off the surface of the water.  When the nail polish starts clumping like that, use a piece of scrap paper to catch all of the nail polish from the surface of the water and start again with fresh, liquid polish.

What cool things have you marbleized with this technique?

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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