DIY Project: Easy No-Sew Personalized Napkins

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Once I'd figured out a plan for fancy custom glass plates for the gnome party, I couldn't exactly use paper napkins and plastic silverware. I had some wooden silverware left over from the Cornish Fairy party last year--perfect for our rustic woodland vibe. I wanted something a little morepermanent than disposable paper napkins, a little more whimsical, a little more elegant. But not expensive. And so I came up with this project: easy, no-sew napkins made to match the theme of the party.

How to Make Easy No-Sew Napkins to Match Your Event

1) First, cut the fabric into squares. I made my napkins 12x12 inches, but you could really make them any size.
2) Trim edges with pinking shears. In truth, this is an optional step. But the angled edges minimize fraying (good for no-sew projects), and look adorable. You could eliminate the first step and just cut the squares with the pinking sheers. I'm pretty awful at cutting straight lines, though, so that's why I opted to use the rotary cutter first.

3) Iron fusible interfacing on the "wrong" side of your contrast fabric. This will do two things: it willstabilizethe fabric so you can cut out intricate shapes easily, and it makes the cut out shapes an iron-on patch. Cool, cool stuff, fusible interfacing. And really inexpensive, too! It hides behind the cutting counter at your local fabric store; you have to ask for it. Took me a long time to figure that out.


4) Sketch out your design on the paper backing of the fusible interfacing. If you're doing lettering, remember that you have to sketch it out backwards! Cut out the shapes with a pair of sharp scissors. It's surprisingly easy to cut out very intricate shapes in the fusible interfacing-backed fabric.

5) Follow the instructions that come with your brand of fusible interfacing to iron the design on your napkin.

And you're done! This project took perhaps 15 minutes and looked so perfectly adorable at the party. I may never go back to paper napkins again!

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Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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