DIY Project: How to Make Toadstool Colored Pencils

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These fanciful colored pencils were a fun and incredibly easy favor to make for the gnome birthday party.


How to Make Whimsical Toadstool Colored Pencils



  • a set of colored pencils
  • glue (hot glue or wood glue)
  • craft paint
  • wooden furniture buttons


1) First, purchase a set of colored pencils. I found these at the dollar store--only $1 per set, and pre-sharpened, even! Buy craft paint to match each colored pencil.
2) glue the unpainted wooden furniture buttons on the end of each pencil. I found these at my local Michael's and Joann Fabrics in the section with wooden craft pieces. They're designed for furniture building, to plug holes and mask screws, so they're probably available from hardware stores, too. They already look like adorable little toadstools, and are the perfect size.
3) Once the glue is dry and the toadstools are well attached to the pencils, paint the dome of each toadstool to match its pencil.
4) Once the basic color of the toadstool is dry, paint tiny white polka-dots on the mushroom tops.
My girls have a rather large collection of craft paints already, so my only cost for this project was the $5 for the five sets of colored pencils from the dollar store. These are so simple, but so utterly charming, and were a huge hit at the party.


Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido