DIY Easy Paper Party Hat Cupcake Toppers Tutorial

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Need a quick and easy way to get plain cupcakes ready for a party?  Make these clever miniature party hat cupcake toppers out of scrapbook paper and pom poms.

Collage of photos of paper party hat cupcake toppers optimized for pinterest

These party hat cupcake toppers are easy and qick to make, and make any cupcake perfectly dressed for a party.

three vanila cupcakes with pink raspberry buttercream icing and topped with miniature party hat cupcake toppers, sitting on a galvanized metal cake stand.

I love making edible cupcake toppers, but sometimes you need something more quickly and don't have time to let gum paste dry.  I used scrapbook paper and pom poms I already had in my stash of craft supplies to make these in just a few minutes for my friend Kim's birthday celebration.

colorful miniature pom poms, green and yellow gingham and striped scrapbook paper, toothpicks, and a pair of aqua scissors on a white marble table surface.

Materials for Easy DIY Miniature Party Hat Cupcake Toppers:

scrapbook paper cut into small triangular shapes and glued into small paper cones, topped with craft pom poms.

I didn't even use a template to make these.  I just made two sides of the cone at a right angle (90 degrees, like an L with equal sides, and then drew an arc between the two sides.  The straight sides were about 1.5" to 2" long.

I then just rolled the paper into a cone shape, glued it in place with my low temperature hot glue gun, glued a pom pom on top, and a toothpick on the inside of the miniature hat.

A line of seven miniature paper party hat cupcake toppers on a whitewashed wooden surface.

Easy and quick!  Just what I was looking for with this cupcake topper craft.

three vanilla cupcakes topped with pink raspberry buttercream, sprinkles, and miniature party hat cupcake toppers, on a galvanized metal cake stand and white backdrop.

Aren't the little party hats absolutely adorable?  And you could use different scrapbook papers to match absolutely any party theme.

Single vanilla cupcake with pink raspberry buttercream icing, sprinkles, and a striped miniature party hat cupcake topper.

Like video tutorials?  I made one of those for you, too!


two edible clown hat cupcake toppers made out of icing and ice cream cones on top of chocolate cupcakes.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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