Rainbow and Clouds Garland Bunting Tutorial

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Rainbow and Clouds Bunting Tutorial (Including a Free Printable Template):

Materials for Rainbow Bunting Garland:

  • strong button thread
  • fabric in rainbow colors
  • cotton balls

You know what makes the perfect template for fabric bunting triangles?  My small A-Frame gingerbread house printable template.  Why have I never thought of this until now?

Cut out triangles of fabric in the full array of rainbow colors.  

Thread a needle with extra-strong button thread and start stringing cotton balls on the thread.

Don't always go straight through the center.  I liked mixing it up, so it looked more random and cloud-like.

Use a low temperature hot glue gun to attach the fabric triangles to the back-side of the threaded cotton balls.

Voila, rainbow cloud bunting!

Rainbows just make me happy.  Especially when they're so easy!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido