Kid Crafted Valentine's Day Valentines

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I'm certainly capable of making fancy, crafty Valentine's day treats, but do you know what I vastly prefer to do each year?  Let the kids be totally in charge.

And I absolutely LOVE the Valentines they create for their friends!

Seriously, all I do for Valentine's day is get some craft supplies (these all came from the dollar store, so I spent less than $10 total) and let the girls go nuts.

They spend hours happily crafting.  They're creative.  They're personal.  The girls love giving them to their friends far more than anything I've ever bought for them to hand out.

They get an enriching activity, and I don't have to make 30 of the same thing?  I think Valentine's Day is a no-brainer!  Craft on, my darling children.  

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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