Rocky Road Cookie Pizza Recipe

This rocky road cookie pizza recipe is a decadent, delicious, fun twist on chocolate chip cookies.  It's a giant chocolate chip cookie, topped with peanuts and marshmallows, baked in a pizza pan, and cut into slices to made an irresistable pizza cookie.

Giant cookie shaped and cut like a pizza, with one slice removed and on a white plate, with text overlay reading "Rocky Road Cookie Pizza."


Cherry BBQ Sauce Recipe

This cherry BBQ sauce recipe is made with real cherries--LOTS of real cherries--and has such an incredible, rich flavor.  Cherry barbecue sauce is fabulous with chicken and pork, and is my favorite BBQ sauce for summer grilling.

Open canning jar with cherry BBQ sauce, on a wooden table, with fresh cherries and a spoon full of cherry barbecue sauce on the table beside the jar.


Rhubarb Scones

Rhubarb scones are tender, flavorful, flecked with bursts of bright rhubarb flavor--and easy to make!  This rhubarb scone recipe can be made, start to finish, in about 30 minutes. 

Rhubarb scone surrounded by slices of fresh rhubarb, with text overlay reading "Rhubarb Scones."


Strawberry Frangipane Tart Recipe

A frangipane tart is a classic French tart filled with a fairly heavy, utterly delicious almond filling.  (In fact, "frangipane" means "almond cream" in French.)   This strawberry frangipane tart is a classic and elegant spring version of this delicious dessert.


Fluffy Sheep Easter Napkin Rings

Tutorial for making DIY Easter Napkin Rings that look like fluffy, darling sheep.  These Easter lamb napkin rings are the perfect finishing touch for your Easter tablescape.


Customized Bubbles Favors for the Cotton Candy Birthday

Decorate bubbles to make easy, inexpensive party favors that kids absolutely love!  I made these cuzomized bubble favors for my daughter's cotton candy birthday party, but the technique can easily be adapted to fit any party theme.

Bubbles decorated for a cotton candy birthday, with text overlay reading "Cotton Candy Party Bubble Favors."


Peanut Butter Frosting

Peanut butter frosting is a delicious American buttercream icing absolutely full of peanut butter flavor.  This peanut butter frosting recipe is made with smooth peanut butter and powdered peanut butter, which makes this frosting incredibly flavorful.

Peanut butter frosting piped on a marble surface, surrounded by peanuts and a chocolate cupcake topped with Peanut Butter Frosting.


How to Make Pom Pom Sheep

Make these adorable yarn pom pom sheep with materials you can easily find in any craft store.  Pom pom sheep make a great Easter decoration, Baby Shower decor, or even a present topper!


Strawberry Bread

Strawberry bread is a delicious quick bread--easy and fast to make (no yeast!), and perfect for breakfast or a snack.  This strawberry bread recipe is one that my grandmother used to make, and has been a family favorite for decades.

Sliced loaf of strawberry bread on a cutting board, surrounded by fresh strawberries.


Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

This cream of mushroom soup recipe makes a hearty, flavorful soup perfect for a cold winter evening.  Once you know how to make cream of mushroom soup, you'll never go back to the canned version.

Cream of mushroom soup in a bowl with a piece of crusty bread.