How to Make Sprinkle Lined Vases

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At the Sprinkles birthday party, I used sprinkles everywhere.  Everywhere. Soooo many sprinkles.  I had this vision of vases filled with sprinkles, overflowing with bountiful blooms.  

Two problems with that vision.  1) Even buying in bulk, I didn't want to use that many sprinkles (I'm cheap that way).  2)  sprinkles are water soluble, and would have turned into a muddy mess if I tried to put flower-sustaining water in my sprinkle filled vases.

The solution turns out to be very simple:  two vases per vase.   Nested vases.

How to Make Nested, Sprinkle-Filled Vases

First, you'll need two vases.  Often, you can buy two sizes of the same vase at craft or floral supply stores.  This works beautifully.

If you are using smallish vases, an even less expensive way to accomplish the same effect is to put a clear plastic or glass cup inside your vase.

First, put some sprinkles in the bottom of the larger vase.

Once you have a layer of sprinkles covering the bottom, place your second, smaller vase inside, and fill the void between the vases with sprinkles.  I found that using a simple paper funnel was very helpful in guiding the sprinkles where I wanted them to go.

Once you have the sprinkles sandwiched in between the two vases, you can create your floral arrangement as usual, without risking ruining the sprinkles.  This was a traditional flower arrangement--water in the vase, cut stems in the water.


I used this tutorial for flower pomanders from Festivities Magazine, Summer 2012 for this flower arrangement.  I decided I didn't want to see the stems in the inner vase, and this was the perfect solution.

Plates set on top of sprinkle-filled vases also made perfectly themed risers for confections on the Sprinkles dessert table.

I'm thrilled with how these turned out, and how they helped me carry the theme through all aspects of the party, not just the food.  It would work equally well with confetti, slices of citrus, long grasses, glitter, Legos...the possibilities are really endless!  Are you going to give this a try?  Let me know!  I'd love to see what you come up with.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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