Delicious Homemade Sprinkles Tutorial

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I've seen homemade sprinkles before, but the only ones I've seen have been made with royal icing, piped into lines, and then broken into smaller pieces.  It's cute, but not quite what I wanted to create for my homemade sprinkle experiment.  I wanted something more regular, and also with a more distinct flavor.  It also sounded rather tedious to make the royal icing version.

What I came up with?  Ok, so it's tedious, too.  ;-)  But it looks a lot more like classic jimmies-style sprinkles, and they taste amazing.  And I could make them any color I want, perfectly matched to any party palette!

I originally wondered if I could make sprinkles out of modeling chocolate, so I whipped up a few batches using the excellent tutorial from Cake Paper Party.  But the modeling chocolate alone produced sprinkles that were too delicate, and had a rough texture.  

Could I combine modeling chocolate with gum paste?  Was it even possible?  I'd never heard of anyone doing such a thing, but it was worth trying.  And it worked brilliantly!

Materials and Ingredients for Making Homemade Sprinkles:


Combine equal parts modeling chocolate and gum paste.  Roughly equal--you don't need to weigh it or anything.  Knead it together until it's completely combined.

Place a small ball of the modeling chocolate/gum paste mixture in the garlic press, and extrude a short length of the dough.  Use a sharp paring knife to shear off the sprinkles.

The gum paste/modeling chocolate mixture is plyable and stretchy before it dries.  It was easy to separate the sprinkles into single rows, but when I tried to separate them completely when fresh, they tended to stretch.  It was far easier and better to let the sprinkles dry for several hours, and then gently pull them apart.

Yeah, I warned you it was tedious.

I still haven't decided if I think they're really worth it, but I LOVE the way they look!  I love being able to make them absolutely any color I want!  I love the texture!  And man oh man, do I love the taste.  They taste like the most amazingly marshmallowy marshmallows you've ever eaten.

I'm absolutely certain I'll still buy sprinkles.  But it is nice knowing that I can make my own custom colors now, and it was a fun experiment.  I'm glad I did it, even if I'm not rushing to do it again.  ;-)

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Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido