How to Make Glow in the Dark Pudding

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The Let the Ghoul Times Roll party was a black-light extravaganza, and I wanted everything to look great under regular light, and under the eerie glow of UV light.

Glow in the Dark Halloween Party

One way I did this was by using antique Vaseline glass serving dishes; Vaseline glass reacts to black light and glows a fabulous green color.

Vaseline Glass under Black Light

But whenever possible, I wanted the food to glow, too.  I've already written about using tonic water (which contains quinine, and glows a brilliant blue under black light) to help food glow.  But for the Ectoplasmic Pudding, I opted for a flavor kids would find more appealing.  Cherry flavored liquid vitamin B (which glows and orangish-yellow under black light) to the rescue!

Glow in the Dark Ectoplasmic Pudding

I used cheesecake pudding mix.  I wanted something without food coloring that might interfere with my glowing additives (learned that the hard way with my Haunted Portrait Gallery experiments).  Plus, the liquid vitamin B is cherry flavored, and cherry cheesecake is always a good idea!

I simply filled my Vaseline glass sherbet dishes with cheesecake pudding, squirted a dropper full of vitamin B on top, and gently swirled it in with a toothpick.  

Glow in the Dark Pudding in Vaseline Glass

This would be a lot of fun for an alien/space themed party, too.  What kid wouldn't be delighted by eating glowing food?  And getting a few extra vitamins in them at the same time?  Bonus!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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