A Pizza and Pizookie New Year's Eve

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We always invite our neighbors over for pizza on New Year's Eve.  Any excuse to fire up the wood-fired pizza oven I built is a good one, of course.  And we like to stay home on New Year's Eve, we liked to include our kids in the festivities, and we really like our neighbors.  

For dessert, we always make a Nutella, mascarpone, and brown sugar pizza.  It's absolutely delicious, and when I haven't planned to make it, we've had guests rebel and head off to the grocery store mid-party to get the necessary ingredients.  So it's now a permanent fixture of our pizza night menu.  But last night, I discovered that I only had enough Nutella to make one chocolate pizza.  Oops.  Time to improvise!  

My parents had just given me a set of 8 of the cutest miniature Lodge cast iron pans.  And I'm a huge sucker for kids selling anything (really, I once bought rocks from some enterprising neighborhood 6 year olds, I just can't say "no."), so I had some frozen cookie dough that had recently been delivered.  Despite the fact that I always, always, always make homemade cookies.

The pizza oven was still very hot, but we smushed some cookie dough in my adorable little individual sized cast iron skillets, popped them in the entryway of the oven, and turned and watched carefully.  They cooked in about two minutes to the perfect degree of doneness on the outside with some soft, gooey, hot center.

Topped with some nice vanilla ice cream, it was peanut-buttery-chocolate-chippy-hot-and-cold perfection. Yum!  

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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