Cookie Cutter Storage and Organization

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Want to know the best way to store cookie cutters?   This simple cookie cutter storage method keeps them organized, easy to find, and dust-free.  

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Who has lots of cookie cutters and various cake decorating stuff?

(raises hand)

Who always vows to get more organized every New Year?

(raises hand)

It's a perpetual struggle in our house, but I finally have a good system for corralling all my cookie cutters and various small cake decorating supplies, and I found the solution in the scrapbook section of the craft store.

The Best Way to Store Cookie Cutters:

clear plastic 12x12 scrapbook paper container

The key to my cookie cutter organization?  These clear plastic bins are meant to hold 12x12 scrapbook paper.  You can find them at your local craft store, or online.

Cookie cutter storage organized by category in 12x12 plastic scrapbook paper containers.

They hold a surprising number of cookie cutters and stack really well!  We just installed some Ikea Besta storage cupboards in the office, but they were stacked very nicely in the guest room closet before they moved to their new home.

The best way to store cookie cutters using 12x12 scrapbooking containers.

I simply taped paper labels to the front of each container, divvied up my cookie cutters by shape, and labeled what was inside.  When I buy a new cookie cutter, it's incredibly easy to write down the new addition to the box.

Cookie Cutter Organization Categories

To make my cookie cutters more organized and easy to find, I divided them into the following categories:

  • Basic Shapes (circles, squares, hearts, etc.)
  • Animals (includes mythical animals, like unicorns)
  • Dinosaurs (I have enough that they needed their own box!)
  • Christmas (I have a lot of Christmas cookie cutters!)
  • Fall & Halloween Shapes
  • Other Holidays
  • Food Shapes
  • Ocean/Nautical
  • Miscellaneous 

My collection is always expanding, though, so I expect to sub-divide my misc. category in the not-too-far future.  I'm thinking a Plants category would be a good one to pull out--various tree, flower, and cactus shapes.  I have a fair number of those at this point.  

If you're using a Besta cabinet from Ikea, not only do the scrapbook containers fit perfectly depth-wise, but the leftover space turns out to be the perfect size for the cheapest plastic shoebox sized storage containers from Target.  I'm going to be soooo organized.  As soon as I finish organizing!

And, by the way, those 12x12 scrapbook storage boxes are also absolutely perfect for saving school year treasures, too.  I get one for each girl for each year of school, label with the name, grade, year, and teacher, and stow the special things that come home during the year.  

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