How to Make a Peter Pan or Robin Hood Hat

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Felt Peter Pan or Robin Hood Hat Tutorial

To figure out how to make the felt Peter Pan hats, I started with this great tutorial (she even has a printable template!) by Sew in Harmony.  Of course I had to do things a little bit differently and tweak the project to my needs.  which meant that I went through several things that didn't work before finally settling on what did.  And my project ended up being a LOT like Sew in Harmony's, because she had probably done all the figuring out already that I thought I was too clever for my own good.  ;-)

I started by sketching out a pattern, based largely on the Sew in Harmony design, though I ended up liking a slightly more rounded top.  Here's where I thought I was clever and I really wasn't.  I thought the brim part (the straight edge  bit on the right side) should bump out about a half an inch extra.  I thought that would make it look even more awesome.  It didn't.  Don't try it.

I also thought it would be a good idea to cut the triangle-shaped brim pieces separately and sew them on in a much more complicated way.  Yeah, it turns out it doesn't look any better and is just much fussier.  Don't try it.

Here's where I did something differently than Sew in Harmony that actually DID work out.  I cut two of my pattern pieces from the felt, and sewed the top edges of the hat together--BUT I didn't sew that back, flat bit of the brim yet.  

After sewing the first stage, I turned the hat right side out, and then sewed that last little bit at the back of the hat.  

After that, I just flipped up the brim of the hat (neatly hiding that last seam).  I found that a little bit of hot glue at the front tip of the hat brim helped the hat to hold its shape nicely.  After that, it's just a matter of using the hot glue gun to attach a feather, and you're done!

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Feeling crafty?  Using a rotary cutter and self healing cutting mat makes cutting out a bunch of these a breeze!

Did you make one of these for your kid (or you?)  I want to see!  Share your creations over on the Tikkido Facebook page.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido