Patriotic Cut-Out Sandwich Cookies

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These Stars and Stripes patriotic cut out cookies started with my Firecracker Pop Rocks patriotic cookies tutorial, and I go over the basic technique and tips and tricks for getting perfect star cutout shapes every time in that post, so head over there for the details first.

And we're back.  When I finished up the photos for the firecracker cookies tutorial, I still had a bunch of icing and blank cookies left over.  That clearly meant it was time for a little fun and experimentation.

Instead of just doing a solid color of buttercream between the cookie layers, I decided to mix it up.  Stripes!  Swirls!

As you can see, no fancy tips or techniques required.   The cookies don't look all that great just as icing-covered circles.  But when you pop on that top with the star cutout...

Wow!  So cute!  Especially with a sprinkling of disco dust.

I love the 4th of July!  What are your favorite red, white, and blue treats to make?

Want a variation on this cookie with a fun surprise?  Try my Firecracker Pop Rocks Sandwich Cookies variation!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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