The Last Hurrah of Summer

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Our summer bucket list is pretty much complete.

Summer camp with best friend since preschool--check.

Super fun hot pink hair--check.

Camping in the mountains--check.

Performing at local bars and restaurants with fellow 9 and 10 year old bandmates--check.

But you know, no matter how much fun we pack into the weeks of summer, there's still something incredibly magical about that last, long Labor Day weekend.

We played in Grandma and Grandpa's pool (daddy is the best pool toy ever)!

We played in the sprinklers in the last golden rays of sunshine.

It looked like we were dancing in a storm of golden glitter. I was going to make some comment about golden rain showers, but figured that would be taken entirely the wrong way.

And we took the girls to their very first drive-in movie. I still fondly remember the first drive-in I ever went to with my parents. (It was double feature of Snow White and Tron. I didn't make it all the way through Tron, and zonked out in the back of our station wagon, but until sleep took me over, I loved it.) I wanted to share that magical experience with our girls, so we piled blankets and pillows in the back of our Kia Sedona minivan, and had ourselves a picnic while we watched the movie.

As we walked to the snack bar and waited for the show to start, Ainsley turned to me and said, "Are you ever so happy you just feel like the world is made of lollipops? Argh, it's hard to explain!"

Yep, I know that feeling, kid. That, right there, is pretty much exactly what summers should feel like. I hope you all had magical, fun-filled, lollipop-world worthy summers.

This post is sponsored by Kia. My Kia Sedona minivan had plenty of capacity (I loved the space), but it died a horrible, complete death 2,000 miles after it was out of warrantee. Two months after it had been at the dealer for regular maintenence and an inspection. Have not had a response back from Kia.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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