How to Make a No Sew Felt Goodie Bag or Favor Bag

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This easy, no-sew felt favor bag is fast and easy to make, and can be made in any size and color you want.  I made my little no-sew favor bags with red felt to look like miniature Santa's sacks.

And I filled mine with lumps of chocolate coal candy.  This is going to be a fun little stocking stuffer for the girls this year!

I also used the little felt favor bags to make my advent calendar garland this year.  

Materials for No Sew Felt Favor Bags:

  • Felt (any color you choose)
  • low temperature glue gun
  • ribbon or string (I used baker's twine)

The process?  Couldn't be easier!  I jsut cut the felt into long rectangles.  You could seriously make these in any size.  ANY SIZE.  

Fold the felt rectangle in half, and use a low temperature hot glue gun to seal the open sides.  The folded section is the bottom of the baggie.

Turn the bag inside out, and tie with a length of ribbon or string.

Fill with whatever goodies you choose!  I opted for a joke candy, chocolate coal, but you could use any small candies or toys.

I made these for a Christmas countdown calendar, so needed 24 of these little baggies.  It was SO FAST, you guys.  I'm so glad I decided to use the glue gun instead of pulling out the sewing machine.  Nothing against a sewing machine, but I really didn't need it for this project.

What would you put in these cute little gift bags?

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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