GISHWHES Scavenger Hunt 2017

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Remember last year when I disappeared for a week and came back with a lot of really weird stuff to share with you?  It happened again! The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES) was last week.  

SO. MUCH. FUN.  There were over 200 possible items to do this year, and I did 32 (and helped with a few more) for my team (Team Bangarang).  I'm going to share with you the items that I did on my own or in collaboration with my teammates.

It's out of order, but I simply have to start with the AMAZING team photo my friend and teammate Tanja (she's a children's book author and illustrator, check her out) put together for us.  This is the bunch of creative, fearless, strange, delightful people who made up team Bangarang this year.

#8 The year is 2021. Of all the unique and amazing human specimens on Earth, it was hard for the aliens to choose which ones to collect, but your team stood out as being excessively weird & worth "analysis". Your entire team was abducted and put into an alien specimen box. In grid form, show each member of your team along with a card explaining where they got you (city, country) and a word stating what special characteristic makes you unique.


And now on to my submissions for GISHWHES 2017.

#5 Nobody likes elevator music in an elevator - unless it’s flute or pan flute music played by a wood nymph. (We must see unsuspecting passengers in the elevator with the wood nymph.)

Nobody even batted an eye at this one!  

#10 Pizza was invented in Italy in 997 AD to honor the Queen Consort, Queen Margherita. The next significant event in Italian history was the start of the Renaissance Period in the 14th century, which spawned a revival in art, architecture, science and learning. Let’s celebrate these two seminal moments in Italian history. Bake a Pizza decorated as a Renaissance painting that would make the Old Masters proud.

Since I built my own wood fired pizza oven, you know I had to do this challenge.

#23: This morning, my daughter, Maison reported having seen a “moon fairy” while I was sleeping last night. As you know, the rarely-seen moon fairies are mischievous, nocturnal creatures who participate in synchronized, representational flight. Using a long exposure and flashlights (or other movable light sources) photograph these elusive beasts.

My cousin Haley is a ROCKSTAR! Well, actually, she's a zookeeper in Australia and managed to get us this photo. I can't believe we pulled this one off!
#25 Wombat poop is shaped like little bricks. Sounds like the perfect building material for a tiny house! Show us! If we can figure out the architectural style you chose from your structure - bonus points! You’ll probably have to go to a local zoo to ask for collections of this building material. Enjoy your visit while you’re there. Your image must contain a caption that shares a little known fact about wombats.
Caption: "I believe the architectural style is what's known as early mid-century shit shack."

#26 (Create an old-school STOP MOTION film - up to 1 minute.) A Romeo and Juliet story... Two young virile socks (unmatched) meeting, falling in love, being kept apart and finally ending tragically.

#34 As this is likely the last year of gishwhes we should probably do something to memorialize it. A lot of folks have been saying, “Save gishwhes!” But we say, “Shave “gishwhes”... into the back of your head.” Try to match the amazing logo that Olivia Desianti formed way back when - which we still use today. Bonus points if you include the current or a former gishwhes hybrid mascot in your masterpiece. The same design shaved into a thick matt of back or chest hair would be an acceptable substitute.

#43: Never judge a book by its cover… or bread by its shape. Bake bread or cookies into the shape of something you would DEFINITELY not want to eat. (We hate to have to say this every year, but pornographic pastries will result in docked points.)

My girls know and love my cookies...but they won't eat these.  ;-)

#64 Quilt a gishwhes onesie out of underwear and/or gloves. Strike a pose in the lobby of a financial institution or bank. Bonus points if it’s the floor of a stock exchange.

Don't worry, there's a LOT more silliness and doing good on the following pages.  I just didn't want to kill your page load time with a TON of photos.  Head to Page Two for more gishy fun.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido