Giant Peppermint Candy Christmas Garland Decorations

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Giant Peppermint Candy Garland Decorations Tutorial

These large-scale peppermint candy decorations and the perfect size for wreaths and garlands.

Materials for Large-Scale Peppermint Candy Decorations:

  • 8" paper plates
  • cellophane wrap
  • red craft paint
  • tape

I originally wanted to just buy some paper plates that look like peppermints.  Surely they'd be easy to find, I thought.  I thought incorrectly, evidently.  (I have since searched and found these at Pier 1).  So I bought some small (dessert size) paper plates, turned them over, and painted on some swirls with red craft paint.

After the paint had dried, it was a simple matter to wrap the plates in cellophane, and secure the twisted ends with a bit of tape.  You could also use string or a bow, but real candies aren't tied with a bow, so I stuck with clear tape.

They were easy to tie on to my garland and wreath decorating my front door, and I love the addition to my collection of holiday decor.  


Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido