Halloween Candy Hunt (A Pandemic-Safe Halloween Activity)

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A Halloween candy hunt is the perfect activity to help keep kids safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.   This Covid-safe Halloween activity is basically a spookified Easter egg hunt.  It's a fun, easy activity to throw together, it lets kids have a fun Halloween activity to enjoy, and it lessens the sting of not being able to go trick-or-treating this year to gather candy.

Small plastic pumpkin and cauldron filled with Halloween candy, with a text overlay reading "Pandemic safe Halloween candy hunt."

Trick-or-treating is not allowed in our area this year, and my children are definitely disappointed.  I came up with this idea for a Halloween themed candy hunt to help take the sting out of missing a favorite Halloween tradition.  

Miniature plastic pumpkins and witch cauldrons on a white wooden surface.

Materials for a Halloween Candy Hunt:

Small plastic Halloween pumpkin filled with two pieces of Halloween candy, hidden in the leaves for a Halloween candy hunt.

My original idea was to buy white Easter eggs and orange Easter eggs and use a sharpie or stickers to make ghost and jack-o-lantern faces on them for a candy hunt.  I still love that idea, but alas, I thought of the idea too late to be able to order those colors of Easter eggs for this Halloween.  But while I was looking for the orange and white plastic eggs, I did find these charming little plastic pumpkin and black cauldron Halloween favor containers. 

Small plastic cauldron halloween favor full of Halloween candy hidden in the yard for a Halloween candy hunt.

I love a good craft, but there's a lot to be said for having an idea that can come together so quickly and easily with store-bought products, too!  The favor containers are the perfect size to hold a few pieces of Halloween candy.  

Miniature plastic pumpkin and witch cauldron filled with Halloween candy, hidden in the garden for a Halloween candy hunt.

I like how the orange jack-o-lanterns are easier to find, and the black cauldrons are a little more difficult (my girls are older, so we need to up the difficulty level for these kinds of hunts).

Plastic pumpkin and black cauldron Halloween favor containers filled with Halloween candy.

I ordered my containers from Amazon, but I know I've seen these objects in years past in the dollar store, so check there first, if you have one near you.

Now, the only question is do I let them hunt in the daytime, or do I make them hunt with a flashlight at night?  

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