Dead Simple Ghost Cupcake Topper Tutorial

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This tutorial and the video tutorial will show you how to make ghost cupcake toppers.  These edible ghost cupcake toppers can be made from gum paste or fondant

Two Halloween cupcakes topped with gum paste ghost cupcake toppers, with text overlay reading "Dead simple ghost cupcakes."

These gumpaste ghosts are so easy and fast to make!  And I always love an edible cupcake topper.  They're a perfect beginner project for making amazing Halloween cupcakes.

Materials for making Ghost Cupcake Toppers out of gumpaste or fondant on a white marble surface.

Materials for Making Ghost Cupcake Toppers:

Gum Paste being shaped into supports for Ghost Cupcake Toppers.

Pull off a lump of gum paste or fondant, and roll it into a ball, then elongate the ball and press one end on your work surface to create a flat bottom and a vaguely ghost-shaped edible base.

Gum paste or fondant being rolled out and cut into circles with a cookie cutter to make edible ghost cupcake toppers.

Coat your work surface with a light coat of oil.  I just use the olive oil in my sprayer--the same one I use for cooking.  You can use any oil.  

You can also use cornstarch to prevent the gum paste from sticking, but I find that using oil keeps the material plyable and doesn't discolor the gum paste (not that it's an issue with white ghosts!).  I pretty much always use oil over cornstarch when doing gum paste work.

Roll out a portion of the gum paste or fondant and cut into a circle.  I used my round cookie cutters, but if you don't have a set, use a glass, or just freehand the shape with a sharp knife.  There's no reason this has to be a perfect circle.

Circle of gum paste ready to be draped over base shape to make easy gum paste ghosts.

Cover the base shape that you made earlier with the circle of gum paste you've cut out.  Ta-da--instant ghost!

Face for the ghost cupcake toppers being painted on the ghost shape with black food coloring.

Use a food-safe, fine paintbrush to paint eyes and a mouth on the ghost cupcake toppers.   Black food coloring thinned with a little bit of vodka makes a brilliant edible paint.  (Don't worry, when it dries, there's no alcohol left behind.)

three cupcakes decorated with Ghost Cupcake Toppers and small gum paste pumpkins on a black cake plate.

Don't they make the most darling edible ghost cupcake toppers?  Especially when paired with some adorable gum paste pumpkins.  Happy Halloween!

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