Creature in the Wall Halloween Cookies Tutorial

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You know those horror movies where some creature starts pushing through the wall?  Creepy as hell, right?  Well, they're still pretty darn spooky, but much more delicious and manageable in cookie form.

I love scary movies now that I'm an adult, but I was seriously spooked when I was a kid by a haunted house on the military base we lived on at the time.  I was perhaps 8 or 9, and on some pre-arranged signal, hands burst through the walls of the hallway and grabbed at me.  I was little enough that the hands were at my head's height, and one of the hands grabbed my hair bun.  I still haven't quite recovered, some 30 years later, and have not, and will not go to another haunted house again in my life. 

But scary movies?  Those I like, these days, epsecially curled up on the couch with my husband.

But the things pushing through the walls?  Those freak me out every single time.


Want all the details and the full tutorial?  Head to Page Two.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido