Sparkling Slime Garland Tutorial for Halloween

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What Ghostbusters Halloween party would be complete without slime?  Slime everywhere!  And this glitter slime garland is the perfect party decoration for all your slime party needs.

Glitter slime garland image collage optimized for pinterest.

Pretty, sparkly, easy-to-make glitter slime.

Glitter slime decorations on a Ghostbusters themed gift bag.

I used my slime garland all over the place at the Ghostbusters party:  decorating cake stands, gift bags, cups, and more.  

Glitter slime garland decorating green ectoplasm punch in a glass pitcher.

Basically, if it didn't run away, I glitter-slimed it.

Glitter slime garland decorating a green vaseline glass cake plate.

Ready to know just how amazingly easy it was to create this slimy, sparkly party accessory?  Yeah, you are!

Glitter Slime Halloween Garland Tutorial

Glitter slime garland being made with a glue gun and glitter.

Materials for Making Glitter Slime Garland:

  • extra fine glitter (I have this multi pack that's lasted me for years now, and I use glitter!)
  • hot glue gun
  • parchment paper (buy here)

And that's it.

Use the glue gun to draw a slimy, dripy line of glue on the parchment paper.  Only do a few inches at a time, because it cools quickly.  While the glue is still fresh, hot, and sticky, cover in extra-fine green glitter.  Shake off excess, and go on to the next segment.

Glitter slime garland being pulled off parchment paper.

When the glue is cool (it only takes a couple minutes), peel the garland off the parchment paper, and use it to decorate EVERYTHING.  

Glitter slime garland decorating a glass pitcher filled with green Ectoplasm Punch.

Because everything is better with glittery slime, right?  I might even make a necklace for myself, now that I think about it.

Glitter slime garland decorating a green vaseline glass cake plate.

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Navigational image leading reader to tutorial for Ghostbusters gift bag.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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