Halloween Zombie Science Party

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Delicious potions, tasty brains...er, I mean treats...what could be more perfect for a kid-friendly Halloween than a not-too-gruesome Zombie Science party?

All parties start with good food and a point of inspiration, and for me, it started with Fanta orange soda and OREO cookies.  Orange and (practically) chocolatey black, what could be more perfect?

When I was at Walmart picking up my party supplies, I saw the whole range of flavors Fanta has, including the new mango flavor (and I LOVE mango!), and my party idea was born.  Formulas, test tubes, petri dishes, cultures, flasks, beakers--science fun during the zombie apocalypse!

What would you use to cover up your windows during a zombie apocolypse?  Anything you could find!  So I made my backdrop out of a combination of materials, including black wrapping paper, plastic tablecloths, and fabric I had on hand.  The giant Erlenmeyer flask and balloon bubbles were just for fun, and because they matched the cookies.

Beakers (buy here), flasks (buy here), and various vases were filled with colored water and dry ice to give our lab the kind of homey touch any mad scientist would appreciate.

I was pretty darn excited to have an opportunity to use my flask, beaker, and test tube cookie cutters!  Yes, I'm a geek, and proud of it!  

I also made some tasty chocolate brains filled with an orange creme filling made with Fanta soda, and some cute little mutant, googly-eyed chocolate covered OREO cookies.

Aren't the soda-filled test tubes fun?  (buy here)

Remember all those wonderful flavors of FANTA I found at Walmart? 

 I filled up test tubes with the different flavors of soda, so that our guests could create their own drink formulas, and mix and match flavors.

Drinking out of the top of a skull goblet (found at the Dollar Store) just seemed kind of right for our Zombie Science party!  The goblets were rimmed with Pop Rocks for some extra fun (and an opportunity to provide a sneaky science lesson).

Continue on to page two for even more Zombie Science fun, including a recipe for Jello Petri Dishes

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido