Miniature Chocolate Little Red Riding Hood Book Favor with Free Printable

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When I was a kid, I always loved the fact that my copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales was a thick tome; the heft suggested a wealth of worlds and adventures inside.  And it had gilded page edges, too, which I thought was pretty much the fanciest, coolest thing ever.

That cherished book from my childhood (the very book in the picture above!) was the inspiration behind these miniature chocolate fairy tale book treats from the Little Red Riding Hood party.  The shape of two Hershey chocolate nuggets glued together made the perfect book shape, and it even had gilded edges, just like my favorite volume of fairy tales!

This craft would work well for any book inspired party theme, but for our Little Red Riding Hood party, I knew I wanted something that would immediately be iconic and recognizable from the tale.  I made up this printable with an old engraving from Little Red Riding Hood on one side, and one of the classic lines from the story on the other side.  

Free Little Red Riding Hood chocolate books printable pages.

Glue two Hershey's Nuggets together to form the shape of a thick, open book.

Cut out the pages with the printed Little Red Riding Hood pictures and text (approximately 4.5cm x 2.5cm), and (optional, but it looks great), cut out a second rectangle of plain paper the same size.

Fold the blank rectangle of paper in half, and glue to the top of the chocolates.  Fold the printed pages in half, and glue those on top, attaching the pages only in the center fold of the book so you get teh illusion of lots of pages.  You could skip the whole step with the blank white rectangle and it would still look fabulous, but I liked the extra dimension adding the extra set of pages added.

Also optional, but cute:  cut a rectangle of cardstock just slightly larger than the chocolates.  Fold in the center to create the illusion of the spine of a book, and glue the chocolate book to the cardstock book cover.

I can't tell you how happy these little chocolate books make me.  Chocolate + books + miniature anything = AWESOME.

When I showed these to Drew, he asked if they were bibles (he didn't have his reading glasses on, and they did kind of look like bibles, so I forgive him).  Maybe a cute addition to a treat tray for a Christmas variation?

Just the sweet treat for our Little Red Riding Hood picnic!

What was your favorite fairy tale?  

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido