Chocolate Graduation Caps Tutorial

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If you have a graduate in your family, you're probably awfully busy right now.  Not a whole lot of time for whipping up elaborate treats, which is why I kept everything really simple for Colleen's graduation party.  

Including these chocolate graduation caps, which took only seconds to put together.

You just need some Reese's miniature peanut butter cups and Ghiradelli chocolate squares, and a bit of melted chocolate or icing. 

Note:  I used caramel filled chocolate squares, because they're absolutely delicious.  But they're definitely weaker than some of the other varieties.  Solid versions are a better bet.  (Though then you wouldn't get to eat the broken ones.)

Unwrap the chocolates, turn the peanut butter cup upside down, put a dab of melted chocolate or icing on top surface (the bottom of) the peanut butter cup, and set the Ghirardelli square on top.  And you're done.

 I had some royal icing sitting around, so I piped little icing tassels, too, but that is completely optional.  they look like perfect little chocolate graduation caps even without an added little icing tassel.  

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido