How to Make a DIY Headband with a Rainbow Ribbon Flower

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This DIY headband is easy to make in any color, but I especially love the ribbon flower made with a rainbow of colors.

DIY Headband made with rainbow colored ribbon flower.

It's RAINBOW WEEK!  The bright and colorful side of all these spring showers, rainbows are always a welcome delight.  This week is going to be full of rainbow-filled fun, starting with a tutorial for this rainbow ribbon headband.

Rainbow DIY headband made with satin ribbon on a black chalkboard background.

It just takes some ribbon and a hot glue gun to make this easy rainbow hair accessory.

Little girl wearing a DIY Rainbow ribbon flower headband.

I made the headband for my daughter, but I have to admit, I kind of want to wear it.

Hand holding a DIY headband made with a rainbow ribbon flower.

Who can resist rainbows?  

DIY Headband with a Rainbow Ribbon Flower:

Little girl wearing a DIY Rainbow ribbon flower headband.

Making this charming rainbow ribbon headband is seriously easy and fast.

Materials for making a Rainbow Ribbon DIY Headband

Materials for Rainbow Ribbon DIY Headband:

  • headband
  • ribbon in rainbow colors
  • crystal bead or rhinestone for the center of the ribbon flower
  • felt

Satin ribbon in rainbow colors cut into small pieces for the rainbow ribbon flower on the DIY headband.

Cut ribbon into approximately 2" long segments.  Cut four of each color of the rainbow.  Use a hot glue gun to glue each piece of ribbon in half to make loops.

Loops of rainbow colored ribbon being glued in a circle for the rainbow headband.

Cut felt into a 3" diameter circle, and glue a ring of rainbow ribbon tags around the perimeter of the circle.  Glue a second ring of ribbon tabs inside the first ring, and glue a crystal in the center.  

Glue the ribbon flower to a headband (a fabric-covered headband works best when using a glue gun)

Little girl wearing a DIY Rainbow ribbon flower headband.

Just try to be sad while wearing a rainbow on your head, I dare you.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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