Googly Eye Halloween Headband Tutorial

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Make and easy DIY Halloween headband with just some googly eyes and felt.  This googly eye Halloween headband is so simple to make and so much fun to wear!

Collage of googly eye Halloween headband images with the text "Googly Eye Halloween Headband."

Each October, my friend Keisha from Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams runs the BEST Halloween blog hop:  13 Days of Handmade Halloween!  I am pleased as punch that my day to contribute a craft is today.

My contribution?  An incredibly easy, fun, inexpensive Halloween hair accessory--a googly eye monster headband.

Illustration of a spider with a paintbrush, and text for the 13 days of Handmade Halloween Blog Hop.

Be sure you follow along with all the crafty Halloween fun with the #13DOHH2017 hashtag!

Halloween headband covered in googly eyes standing on a grey damask backdrop.

I had a bunch of assorted googly eyes left over from last week's monster appetizer fork/cupcake toppers and furry monster headband tutorials, and as I was working with them, I kept thinking about how awesome googly eyes are.  Try being upset when you're playing with googly eyes.  Go ahead, just try.  You can't, right?  Because they're just that awesome.

Little girl wearing a Googly eyes Halloween headband.

So why not use LOTS of googly eyes?  Why not wear them?  This clearly needed to happen, and Halloween was just a convenient excuse.

Googly Eyes Halloween Headband Tutorial

Girl wearing a Googly eyes Halloween headband.

Who says you need to wait until Halloween night to dress up?  Celebrate the whole month long, I say.

Materials for making a Googly eyes Halloween headband on a white marble surface.

Materials for the Googly Eye Halloween Headband

Googly eyes being glued to a black piece of felt to create a Googly eyes Halloween headband.

Cut a piece of black felt into a generously oversized oblong shape.  Glue the googly eyes to the black felt.  I used my glue gun to do this, because I love the instant gratification, but if you're making this with kids, you could easily use craft glue.

Googly eyes Halloween headband being trimmed to shape.

Trim excess felt away from the googly eyes.

Googly eyes Halloween headband on a grey damask background.

Glue the felt mat of googly eyes to a fabric-covered headband.  My favorite place to get these is at my local dollar store, where I can get a five pack for just $1.  But you can also find them on Amazon.  I specify a fabric covered headband because hot glue guns are really terrible at sticking items to metal or plastic, but do a great job adhering the felt to the fabric covering the headband.

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