Watercolor Rainbow Sugar Cookies Tutorial (Without a Rainbow Shaped Cookie Cutter!)

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Painted Rainbow Sugar Cookie Tutorial

I'm not sure how it's possible that I don't have a rainbow cookie cutter, given the size of my cookie cutter collection and my affection for rainbows, but I don't.  But I do have a set of nested circle cookie cutters that I just love.

To make the rainbow, cut a donut shape in the dough, using two of the nested circle cookie cutters.  I have a set of oval cookie cutters, too, and I used those for the cloud portion of the cookie, but you could easily just use another one of the round cookie cutters.

Cut each donut of cookie dough in half to create two rainbow arcs.  

Use the curved edge of the cloud cutter to slice away an arc at the bottom of each rainbow, then press the cloud cookie parts into place.

Ice in plain white royal icing (flooding consistency for the rainbow, piping consistency for the fluffy clouds), let dry, and then paint with watered down gel food coloring.  I get the best results when I make my edible paints with Everclear alcohol, because it evaporates so quickly.  If you can't get that in your area, try using vodka.  Just don't let the kids snack on the cookies before they're completely dry and all the alcohol evaporates away!

Be sure to follow my Rainbow board on Pinterest to see all of the fun rainbow ideas that I love from around the web!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido