Birthday and Wedding Letter Sugar Cookies

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Last week was all about the cookies.  Lots and lots of sugar cookies. (Here's my favorite recipe if you want to bake some.)

My dear friend Willa had a birthday--which was a perfect excuse to go buy a W shaped cookie cutter.  Plus I found an adorable gift tag cookie cutter, too.  

I totally meant to poke a hole in the cookie tag and actually use it as a gift tag on the packaged cookies, but I forgot to make the hole when the cookies were fresh out of the oven.  There's always next time.

The only W cookie cutter my local cake store had was a rounded, bubble letter, but you don't have to cover the entire cookie canvas with icing.  I had fun playing around with different font styles of W cookies.

I would have scoffed at the cookies with less icing when I was a kid, but as an adult, I like the cookie part at least as much as the icing part.

I did have fun with one W flooded in the intended bubble-letter shape, and then added a fun mix of sprinkles.  This technique makes me want to get a champagne glass cookie cutter now!

I also had the great joy of making cookie favors for my friend's brother's wedding this past week.  (Yes!  A perfect excuse to get a pretty plaque cookie cutter, a Z, and try out a royal icing stencil for the first time!)  

Now it's time to start baking for my youngest daughter's birthday party this weekend.  I'll emerge (with lots of fun things to share) on the other side of the party next week.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido