DIY Project: Easy Ribbon Path Decorations

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First impressions are important. Whether the goal is to set the stage for what's to come, or to let your guests know they've arrived at the correct place of celebration, it's important to create an eye-catching display.

For my Sugar Plum Fairy party, I decided to make inexpensive, incredibly easy ribbon poles to line the pathway to the door. They were easily visible from the street, so alerted guest that they were at the correct destination, and gave a glimpse of what was to come at the party.


Materials for the Ribbon Pole Path Decorations:

  • Wooden dowel, at least a half-inch in diameter (the harder the ground is, the wider your dowel should be). These are available for less than a dollar at your local craft store in the height shown in the pictures, but if you want taller poles, Lowes and Home Depot have many more options.
  • Approximately 10 yards of ribbon (not wired) per pole, in whatever sizes and colors you desire.
  • Floral pick or fresh flowers (optional)
  • saw (optional)


  1. Saw off the bottom of each pole at a 45 degree angle. This isn't necessary--I didn't do it for the poles I made for the Sugar Plum Fairy party, but it does make it go into the hard desert soil here in Phoenix more easily. If you have soft earth, this is a completely unnecessary step.
  2. Cut five or six lengths of ribbon, approximately two yards long. Don't be precise about these measurements; you want the ribbons to be slightly different lengths. I kept the cost low by finding inexpensive bulk bolts of ribbon on clearance at my local Ribbon and Lace store.
  3. Arrange all the ribbons on a flat surface so that their centers are in roughly the same place. Use one of the lengths of ribbon to tie around all the other ribbons, gathering them together at the center.
  4. Tie the gathered ribbons near the top of the wooden dowel.
  5. If desired, tie or glue a floral pick (as shown above, available from any large craft store) at the top of the ribbon pole.


It's as simple as that! These look gorgeous with just the ribbons, and I could just imagine them defining the center aisle of an outdoor wedding ceremony, or lining the path directing guests to a party tent. The ribbons flutter in the lightest breeze, and look so festive!

To make the ribbon poles even more luxurious, try adding fresh flowers. No special floral skills are necessary, don't worry, making this a very easy DIY project. Simply use a glue gun to attach a few floral water tubes like these to the wooden poles:

Or if you happen to have a ton of plastic test tubes hanging around from an earlier party like I do...

...just use those. Just fill the tubes with water and stick in a flower or two. Voila, instant floral arrangement topping your ribbon poles!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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