How to Make a Paper Flower Backdrop: Part 2, Roses

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Here we are at part two of making a giant paper flower backdrop like the one from the Secret Garden shower. Today it's all about the roses.

In case you missed yesterday's post, Part 1 of making the paper flower backdrop, this is what we're making:


You'll need the same materials as yesterday: the same roll of paper, scissors, and a glue gun.

How to Make a Giant Paper Rose:

I'm talking about these:

First, you need to make a cone for the center of the rose.


Cut a rectangle of paper (top left image above). Roll it into a cone (image on the right above). I left a gap at the tip, because that looked like the center of a rose, and was easy. Tape or glue the cone shape in place. Then gently squish the cone flatish (bottom left image above--don't crease it, just squish it enough to trim both sides at once) and trim an arc on the bottom. You'll be left with a perfect cone. Or perfect enough. Remember from yesterday, this project is not about perfection. As long as the cone kind of sits reasonably on a flat surface, it'll be great.

Next, cut the petals. You want shapes that are roughly teardrop shaped, and about the same height as the cone, or a little bit taller.


Then simply glue the petals around the cone. Place three petals directly on the cone. Five petals on the next layer. Seven petals on the next layer (if you want a rose that big). Once the petals are glued in place, you can gently curl the tops of the petals down, which makes the rose look even more fabulous.

Want to know how to make an even easier paper rose?  Continue to page two for all the details.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido