How to Make Simple Shaped Marshmallows for Hot Chocolate

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We've probably all seen the beautiful snowflake shaped homemade marshmallows from Martha Stewart.  I've made homemade marshmallows before, and they're fun to make and delicious.  But sometimes you just don't have that kind of time (or perhaps a stand mixer, which makes making marshmallows a lot easier).

Never fear!  If you're looking for something super-fast and easy to dress up that mug of cocoa, I have a great tip for you.

Have you seen StackerMallows from Kraft foods?  

They're flattened, square marshmallows that are designed to be a great shape for making s'mores.  And they're wonderful for that.

But using nothing more than the StackerMallows and some mini cookie cutters, I was able to make adorable Christmas marshmallows for hot chocolate in seconds!

Even my three year old was able to (actually) help me make the marshmallow shapes.

I'm pretty sure, based on my girls' smiles, that I'll never be allowed to offer plain marshmallows again!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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