Chocolate Seashells for Seashell Cupcakes

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Chocolate seashells are the most perfect, delicious, edible cupcake toppers for your seashell cupcakes.   These easy to make chocolate seashells are a fabulous addition to any mermaid party.

Make Chocolate seashells as a cupcake topper for your seashell cupcakes.

Or a pirate party.  Or any nautical theme, really.

Chocolate seashell cupcake and chocolate mermaid tail cupcake on a silver cake stand.

It's so easy to make these surprisingly realistic looking chocolate shells, and I always love an edible cupcake topper.  It's like getting a treat on top of a treat.

Cake stand covered with cupcakes topped with chocolate seashells and chocolate mermaid tails.

Mixed in with some chocolate mermaid tail cupcake toppers, these cupcakes were the hit of my young friend's mermaid party.

Materials for making chocolate seashells on a white marble background.

How to Make Chocolate Seashells:

White chocolate and dark chocolate swirled together in a chocolate seashell mold.

Melt the dark and white chocolate melts separately.  Spoon a little bit of the chocolate (not much!) into the white chocolate, and stir just a bit.  Again, not much!  the chocolate will continue to combine as you spread it around the surface of the shell shaped chocolate mold, so mix sparingly before putting the chocolate in the mold.

Coat the entire inside of the chocolate mold.  I didn't bother to fill the entire cavity; instead, I just coated the shape with a single layer of the marbled chocolate.

Let cool and harden (in the fridge is fine to speed things up).

Chocolate Seashells being sprayed with pearl luster spray.

Pop the chocolates out of the mold, and spray with pearl luster dust spray. I like the PME brand best, but Americolor and Chefmaster are also great.  Even the Wilton pearl spray (available at your local craft store) is quite good.

Chocolate Seashells cupcake and mermaid cupcake on a silver cake stand.

It's hard to capture in photos, but the pearl spray gives the chocolates a lovely shimmer and finishing touch.

Chocolate Seashell cupcake on a white background.

I'll have all the details on those mermaid tails in the next post, so stay tuned.

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