Easy Rainbow Ribbon Toy Tutorial

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Easy Rainbow Ribbon Wand Rings Tutorial

This simple toy works like a ribbon wand, but is built on a clear plastic ring instead of a stick.  This makes it safe and easy for little kids to use, but it's just as much fun for older kids, too.

Materials for Rainbow Ribbon Rings:

  • Ribbon in rainbow colors
  • inexpensive plastic shower rings

Yup, they're just clear plastic shower rings!  I got a 12 pack from Target for about $1.50.   And all you have to do is tie the ribbons to the ring.  That's it.

Then dance and twirl and wave your heart out.

Not feeling crafty and really love using your Amazon Prime account?  Your kids or rainbow party-goers would love these inexpensive rainbow ribbon wands just as much. 

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido