Fringed Watermelon Snack Cup Tutorial

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Fringed Watermelon Crepe Paper Snack Cups Tutorial

These watermelon snack cups could be used for all sorts of snacks.  I filled them with plain popcorn at the party, but wouldn't they be even better with watermelon flavored candied popcorn (this is a great recipe)?  Or fresh green grapes, if you're looking for a healthier option?  

Materials for Watermelon Snack Cups Craft:

Cut a length of crepe paper streamer (approximately 18", but it really doesn't matter exactly how long).  Fold over until approximately two inches long.  Cut into fringe with a pair of scissors.

Glue the green fringe to the snack cup first.  The bottom of the fringe should be about level with the bottom of the snack cup.

Glue on two layers of the red fringe, one slightly above the first green layer, and the second right under the lip of the snack cup.

Add a few black sequins as watermelon seeds, and fill.  This would make charming favor packaging, too.  Maybe not with loose gumballs, like in this picture.  That was just because it looked pretty.  But a baggie of gumballs--that could work.  They even make gumballs that look like itty bitty watermelons!  I wish I'd seen those before the party.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido