Furry Utensil Holders for a Wolf (or Dog Themed) Birthday

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These furry utensil holders are a great little touch for a wolf birthday party.  They'd be fabulous for a dog or puppy party, or any wintery event, too.  I made these particular wolf party decorations for my daughter's wolf themed birthday party.

I filled my furry wolf party utensil holders with plastic silverware and some adorable paw print patterned straws.  You could also use these furry containers to hold anything--paw print pencils for favors, for example.

I love making lots of crafts like this to carry a theme through every element of a party.  And luckily, this craft is incredibly easy and fast to make!

Materials for Making a Furry Utensil Holder for a Wolf Birthday Party:

  • Plastic cup (I bought mine at the dollar store)
  • faux fur
  • low temperature hot glue gun

Video Tutorial for Wolf Party Utensil Holders:



The process, as shown in the video above, is really fast and easy.  Start by using a low temperature hot glue gun to tack down the plastic cup to the back side of the faux fur fabric.  You don't want to glue right along the edge of the fabric; instead, make sure that the cup is glued with at least a few inches of extra fur at the top and bottom edge.   No need to glue it all at this point--I just didn't want the cup to slide around while I was cutting the fur.

Wrap the fur around the cup, and use scissors to cut the fur along the bottom edge of the cup.  Cut the fur at the top of the cup with a few extra inches (not flush with the edge of the cup).

Use the hot glue gun to glue the faux fur all over the exterior of the plastic cup.  If you need to, trim away any excess fur at the base of the cup so it sits flat.

To finish the fur-covered container, simply fold the extra fur at the top of the cup inside the cup.  This gives it a nice, finished look without having to make precise cuts or measurements.

I absolutely love how it looked with the cute puppy themed paper straws!

The knives, forks, and spoons were almost too short for the cup I used, but it worked.

I thought this would make a great, easy way to dress up a bottle of wine as a Christmas gift, too!  

How would you use these fur-covered containers?

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