Easy Glitter Striped Gift Tag Tutorial

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I already showed you how to make your own fabulous, glitter-striped wrapping paper, but why stop there?  Gift tags need to be easy, sparkly, and fabulous, too!

The present was pretty without the gift tag, but I like it even more with!  

Materials for making easy, glitter striped gift tags:

Making the gift tags really couldn't be easier.  Punch out the basic tag.  Apply double stick tape.  Add glitter.  

If you're doing two colors, be sure you do one strip of tape at a time, and make sure it's completely covered in glitter, or the second color will find someplace to stick.

Cut the double stick tape into narrower stripes.  Play with different shapes and colors of glitter.  Have fun!

Pretty much anything you do will end up being beautiful.  That's the best part about using glitter!  Happy gift-tagging.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido